linh kien khu vui choi

linh kien khu vui choi

linh kien khu vui choi

Tư vấn thiết kế

By experience and creativity in design and construction, the design engineer our top offer optimal plan, impressive and unique, will certainly satisfy even the love most demanding foreign customers most demanding,
Co. PHUC GIA has prestige in the market supply of wood processing plants, from consulting through construction design workshop to complete the installation of the production line, coating line at the request of customer. Non-common woodworking machines, we have mastered the technology rising new generation models - CNC, very high effective, saving the best materials, for the quality of mass products uneven quality, minimize labor standing special machines as before, in addition to easy manipulation operation performed, reduce routine maintenance costs,

With the slogan Fugimac Always reliable partner, always accompany development with Vietnam wood processing industry, wood processing industry write put men become exporters leading furniture

The type of production technology the best and the latest in wood processing industry is Phuc Gia consulting, import and installation as:

 + The system of industrial wood processing machines & equipment used in the wood processing factory industry, construction interior decoration, furniture design consultants,
 + System Boring / powder coating finishing all kinds of wood products and wood coating line of industrial doors automatically, kitchen cabinet exporter,
 + Suction system complete week workshop and waste water treatment systems from stage paint into the environment.
 + System screw compressors center - compressed air supply to each stage and the entire factory
 + The materials and parts, using machining and finishing wood products. (Knives planing Saw Blades, Drill Bits, CNC Router Milling nose, paint guns ...)

Always looking for new technology, updated information and their professional development is the task of Phuc Gia.

We are confident to have the capacity to stimulate the installation and provide many customers, through which more manufacturers of woodworking machines, such as the world famous: the Italian Costa Pade, Mz, Vitap, Basitech, Germany Altendorf, Homag, Wenig, Taiwan, Woodwise, Joway, Taichan, Mingping, Goodtek, Proband, empowerment official distributors, direct installation, equipment maintenance tech for Phuc Gia their.